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  1.  The first step is a meeting between artist and client, either in person or over the phone, during which we will discuss and agree upon the following:

          Subject & Size: number of figures, bust or full figure, and canvas size,

          Location & Background: indoors or outdoors, simple or representational background,

          Mood: formal or informal attire, attitude of subject, theme of the portrait,

          Price: based on size, number of figures, and the painting’s level of complexity.

  2.   A photographic session is then scheduled at the client’s home or designated location. Typically, a photo session takes between one and two hours, depending on the number of figures and complexity of the composition.

  3.   Client and artist then select the photo(s) to be used as the basis for the portrait. If desired (and an option for the client), the artist may suggest a live sitting toward the ending stages in order to assure a more accurate representation.

  4.   The artist can supply a preliminary study upon client request, before proceeding with the final image. A preliminary study is an additional cost and will be priced based on composition and study size.

  5.   Portraits are painted on fine Belgian linen on heavy stretchers, using the highest quality oil paints and mediums to ensure a lasting work of art.


The following base prices begin at $3,500 for a single figure (16" x 20") against a simple vignette background. The commission is based on stretcher sizes, number of figures, and overall simplicity or complexity of the painting.



16" x 20"

20" x 24"

24" x 36" 

28" x 36"  

30" x 40"

40" x 50"



Child’s head & shoulders

Adult’s head & shoulders


Child, full body

Adult, full body









A more involved painting will then have added cost based on additional figure(s), and/or complexity of the sitter’s clothing / background. All portrait prices will be agreed upon between the artist and the client at the initial meeting, before the photo session.

We also provide Pet’s Portraits

8" x 10"

14" x 18"

Oil on panel

Oil on stretched linen



(custom sizes are available; please call or text for a quote)

Pricing for any paiinting does not include sales tax or framing. We will be happy to make recommendations or assist in the selection of a custom frame, appropriate to the portrait and location where it will be displayed.



At the time of the photo session, one-third of the total price will be made payable to “A Creative Hand.” This is a non-refundable fee to compensate the artist for his initial time investment and to begin the work of art. A second third is due nearing the end of completion, with a complimentary viewing with the client. The balance is due upon receipt of the portrait.

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